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Save money on your Sharp commercial microwave!
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Sharp Commercial Microwaves
For more than 30 years, Sharp have dominated the Microwave Market. Today, more people cook with Sharp commercial microwave ovens than any other brand. Solid, reliable, quick and easy - It's the unique Sharp recipe for achieving the best results, time after time. Savour their superior features and remember each model has a price that won't take a huge bite out of your budget.

Memory Programming
Memory Programmes are available on touch control models for conveniently pre-programming up to 20 meals - automatically calculating the correct power and cooking time to save time and energy.

Double Quantity
The Double Quantity Key is designed to cook double quantities of food without the need to calculate the extra time required or re-programme the oven - there's no need to keep your customers waiting.

Durable and Stackable
Sharp Commercial Microwave Ovens are built from high grade, rust resistant stainless steel and they can be stacked to save space in the kitchen.
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Sharp R21AT Sharp R21AT
1000W Medium Duty Commercial Microwave Oven
Our price: £259 / You save: £240
Sharp R22AT Sharp R22AT
1500W Heavy Duty Professional Microwave Oven
Our price: £549 / You save: £450
Sharp R23AM Sharp R23AM
1900W Heavy Duty Electronic Microwave Oven
Our price: £579 / You save: £520
Sharp R24AT Sharp R24AT
1900W Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven
Our price: £579 / You save: £520
Sharp R1900M Sharp R1900M
1900W Compact Commercial Microwave Oven
Our price: £599 / You save: £500
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